The Collaborative Production Process

During your video shoot we are here to collaborate from pre-production to post-production, creating an authentic final product. If this is your first video shoot, you may be wondering what exactly you can expect. We are here to make every [...]

Seamless Live-Streaming with Dedicated Hardware

      As we navigate our new normal, live events are looking much different. The key is connecting safely with your audience while creating an awesome event. High-quality live-streams make all the difference in how your guests experience [...]

Best Kept Secret: Strategic Storytelling

The internet drastically changed the way we do business– and then social media came along and changed it all over again! With the click of a button potential customers have access to thousands of company reviews, product options and [...]

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Yes! We do Drones!

We may be a little biased, but we think that every video could benefit from drone footage. Whether it’s a different angle in a small space or a dramatic wide shot coming over the crest of a hill – drone [...]

Hi, Hey, Hello

We are Good Eye Media! We are a full-service boutique commercial video production company serving our community in the GTA, Tri-Cities and Niagara. We offer support for your project from pre-production through post-production, and our team of producers, videographers, [...]

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