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Let’s Do It Live
The latest trend in creating inclusive events– multi-camera live streaming is perfect for bringing your next conference, graduations, press release or concert to the next level. Whether you’re looking to reach your audience members in the back of the auditorium through image magnification (IMAG) or people halfway around the world– live streaming is your solution.

Live Streaming Projects

2022 NHL Draft LIVE w/ Steve Dangle

Capturing the exhilarating NHL Draft in Montreal, our dynamic studio with Steve Dangle and Colby Armstrong became the go-to media destination for draft picks.

World Class Canada

Filming and live streaming the World Class Competition in Montreal was a whirlwind. Multiple events, seamless setup changes, and captivating footage captured mixology excellence.

The Hub: Good Friday 2020

During the COVID-19 Lockdowns in Ontario, the Hub wasn’t able to hold their Good Friday event indoors, so they hosted it online.

Sheridan College Convocation

A live stream of Sheridan College’s Convocation Ceremonies – done with multiple cameras as well as real time event and online streaming.

Man holding a Smokes Poutinerie fry box

Smokes Poutinerie

A live-stream event with multiple cameras, broadcast in real time to both the audience at the event and streaming services.


Big or Small, We Do It All…

Your event is recorded live to air and whether you need one camera or twenty (or more)– enjoy seamless live switching between each camera. Recorded in 4K, we can broadcast your event directly to YouTube; Facebook or any other live streaming platform with speeds up to 1080p– allowing you to reach viewers around the world or geo-targeted to a specific area.