Flawless sound. Live or on set. No matter what.

Arguably the most important part of high quality video– is high quality audio. If the audio in your video is poor quality, you audience will stop watching.

With industry standard audio recording equipment and extreme attention to details, we ensure that you are happy with all parts of your video. We have had the opportunity to work on various types of projects with brands such as Sportsnet, Tim Hortons, Kraft, Esso and Sick Kids. We are confident that our audio services will elevate your video to the next level.

Check out our hardware

A ZoomF8 field Recorder

Zoom F8 Field Recorder

a pair of Lectrosonic transmitters

2x Lectrosonic Transmitters

3x Sennheizer Lav kits

A rode microphone blimp or wind protector with a furry additional cover

Sennheizer 8060 Shotgun Mic

a movie slate with a digital timecode display. and a pair of Ambient Nano Lockit units

Ambient Timecode System

Location Audio Projects


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